Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tomorrow's Monday

  Tomorrow's Monday and the DPW is going to ripping out plants and trees and shrubs from around the library then, thereby shutting the parking lot. Monday, they will probably be gone by 5, but Tuesday should be a real picnic, with Storytime.... The landscaping will be redone (not sure when, since the library probably has a lot of building damage currently hidden under all the ivy, dense shrubs, and weeds…) and one of the bidders on the contract said they would put in low shrubs and things that would let you see the building. I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be shocked to see what the building looks like without the plant life that has been threatening to take over for years. Our building is sort of like an example of a suburban version of the jungle covering the Aztec temples and the like… In the picture below, you can see some of the stuff they are going to take away. The back is worse – holly trees that overgrow the sidewalks and make cleaning up impossible and shrubbery that blocks the light to the walkways. I’m sure we’ll get lots of folks who’ll complain about the greenery being removed, but I’ll be glad to see most of it gone  - I’ve fallen a couple of times because the “greenery ” blocked the light and I tripped.librarypic

Elysha’s doing well with school, but her social life is non-existent because a) she’s “old ” and b) she’s sober. From Facebook, here’s her story of one night:

so i was woken up at 3:45am to my drunken flatmates and their friends using our hallway as a slip and slide.

i asked them politely to keep it down because i was sleeping. they did not listen......

i have to go food shopping and finish some schoolwork. *soon is never soon enough*

So, I guess it’s good that she doesn’t have to stay until the end of January – her instructors say she can turn in projects, essays, etc. before the end of the term. No finals… So I’m going over by myself and come back - with her in tow. I hope!


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