Thursday, January 07, 2010

Happy New Year!

We're off to a roaring start. I haven't blogged much in a long time. I've been wasting way too much time on Facebook. I played Vampire Wars for months, then gave it up. I got into Farm Town and Farmville, which took way too much time. I gave up on Farmville and kept Farm Town, but eventually decide it wasn't worth the time or effort - especially after a real-life farmer friend of mine teased me about my virtual farming....I was playing with FishWorld, but my PC wouldn't load it half the time, so I ditched it, too. I wasn't good about keeping the fish fed. And my farmer friend also is a real-life fisherman, too, so I figured telling him about my green snappers would get me more teasing. Haven't gotten any e-mails from him lately, so have thus far avoided remarks about virtual life.

Real life has been interesting - London, Birmingham and Worcester were all fascinating.

All my pictures are on Facebook, but here's one I clipped and saved - it's me mailing postcards to the States from a Letter Box in London. Most of the cards were from the British Museum and Worcester, although I bought a couple from a 7-11 type store...Did not see a lot of England - not touristy stuff, except for the Museum and the cathedral in Worcester (lots of dead people, including, according to the material I read - King John of Magna Carta fame- in the crypt and the upper cathedral itself). I took mostly bad videos of the Cathedral. I have one shot of the River Severne (never the other way around - that's American rivers) with the Worcester Cathedral in the background.

Anyway, there's a link to the London album on Facebook if you click on the title. I'll try to write more from home where there are more pictures and video available to share easily!


  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself in London and Worcester. Never thought about the difference in naming the rivers before... :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog for OWOH, #82

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway. Hope you'll be back again soon. I'm enjoying your blog on my travels, and know I'll be back to visit some more.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and entering the giveaway. Hope you'll be back again soon. You have such a fun blog, I know I'll definitely be returning to visit some more.


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