Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day

Elysha took me to a restaurant that is across from where she used to work. We had to park in the lot there. Seeing her old place of employment made us both almost cry, but seeing the line at Segovia's almost did, too. She used her old boss' name to get a table before families of five to ten, but the service went downhill from there. The place was packed and some old geezer that was at a table beside ours blew his nose three times before they left... The chorizo (Grilled Spanish Sausage) was good. That was why we went there - but it was not good enough to pay $12 for and suffer all the wait and other indignities. I had a full meal - shrimp in garlic sauce. The garlic was very strong, the vegetables were sparse (carrots , squash and green beans - you could count the pieces of each vegetable on the fingers of one hand ), the rice was only good with the chorizo mixed in, and the "potatoes" they listed on the menu were potato chips- handmade, granted, but just 9 or 10 of them. The salad was something you'd get at a fast food joint- iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots , with a quarter of a tomato and drenched in oil and vinegar - which I got all over me. It was just this side of pathetic and she left a $5 tip... The whole tab, counting that $5 was $45. I was embarassed - and the waiter gave me the check! We stopped at a Dairy Queen on the way home and I had a dipped cone which more than made up for dinner! I love my daughter!

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