Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Thank goodness for Wednesdays. I'm doing laundry - delicates and whites, mostly, since the washer takes forever... It's a nice day out. It's one of those winters where this week in February is the nicest of the winter. I'm hoping that doesn't mean blizzards in March...I sent some things to Blogger from a show at B.B. Kings  on Saturday from my cell phone, but I guess it didn't get here. Davy Jones is finally showing his age. I am not entering any more contests to see him. His jokes were  very bad and his voice , although strong, doesn't seem to sound as good anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older in my mind... I think he shortened some of the Monkees' songs - maybe his memory is going? His wife wasn't in this show though, which was a blessing. One doesn't want to be reminded of a teen idol who has married a gal half his current age. Had Monday off for Presidents' Day - it's always nice to be home at 6 for dinner. Yesterday was extremely busy though, so it's hardly worth it when you have twice as much to do the next day.

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