Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another average day off.

I have gotten into a rut of staying up too late every night. Three nights out of the week, I have a reason to be up past 9, since I work till 9. But I get home, sit at the computer, read bits and pieces of things on Facebook, play endlesss games there and plain old Solitaire for hours.  But I used to just sit and watch stupid TV shows for hours, so I guess it's similar. That's what hubby does - sits and watches TV for hours. Crazy stuff. Neither of us get much done at home. I did laundry today and tidied up a little. I should get out of the house more. Not much to do around here, especially if it rains. Maybe now that I'm getting old, I'm on my way toward being "bored to death"... Yawn...So eleven o'clock and nearly ready to herd the cat up to our room for bed... Goodbye, Wednesday.

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