Monday, May 28, 2012

       Well, it's Memorial Day.  I walked down to the Avenue to watch the parade - by myself, as it doesn't seem like it is important enough for the spouse to do anything outside of our house lately. I took a few pictures with my phone. I saw kids that I've watched grow up in the library, vets that have gotten older every year and sirens that seem to have gotten louder, if that's possible. The walk was not hard on me. I'm not wheezing because I've walked uphill anymore.I find I'm breathing easier, thank goodness. Jimi and Elysha came by this morning and said that their lost snake, Harley, the albino corn snake, had come back. Apparently whatever she was subsisting on since she disappeared in December had been finished off - Jimi found her in with the mice. Hungry, I guess.
        I got the lawn mower fixed, so Steve mowed the back yard - one of the "important" things he needed to do this morning. It's a beautiful day- it would be nice to sit outside , but I have no chairs anymore. Elysha loaned them out a few years ago for a graduation party for one of her friends and never got any of them back... It's only on pretty days like this that I miss them.
        It may rain all week, so  I may go out and sit in the grass and read or nap or something. The sunshine makes me feel happy. Well, more or less...

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