Saturday, June 09, 2012

June 9, 2012

Tiger lilies - at dusk, not night, although it looks like it
Tiger lily close up
tomato plant and something else....
Lilies - the lasers in the kitchen window are Woodgie's eyes.
Today was a long day, but the tiger lilies are blooming (it was not as dark as the above picture looks), the tomato plant is growing, the sage bloomed, and the lavender is finally blossoming. So I went out just before sunset and took some pictures. In one, you can see Woodgie's eyes doing the laser bit out the kitchen window. It was a nice day today - no too hot, not to cold, but the nuts still came to the library, ergo the long day - 9 - 5 in fact. But next week, no weekends after that - and I'll be away! 
Hey, Mom! 
See you soon!

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