Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday in the library with Kathy

Another weekend on its way down the drain. I've been here at work since 9 am. Been a busy week. Been so tired. The director here is retiring and I'm just about ready to quit. I wish I could find a job that would hire somebody my age... I feel a lot older than my years every day. We had a sort of staff meeting about Mr. Thomas' "party". We're having an "open house", hopefully with refreshments (that's one of the quandaries - who will pay for refreshments - and Pat Nigara threatened  offered to take care of dealing with that), on the 27th of June (his official retirement is July 1st). We also have a difference of opinion on what the staff should give him as a gift. It's going to be a long month. But vacation is a week and a half away. Elysha and Jimi have a Facebook page for their business -!/PartyAnimalsNJ

They charge for travel expenses for out of state and over 25 miles in state...

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