Saturday, August 18, 2012


↑Lounge outside the Bungalow Hotel

Game inside the lobby of the hotel↑
                           Le Club↑

Pool Table in lobby of the hotel↑
Public restroom at the hotel in Long Branch..

                                                   ↑Side entrance where the poster and the furry light below were

At Le Club with smuggled in Coke Zero

Clam Face-Sucker Monster in Long Branch. This sculpture, made of cement and clams, looks like it could lean over and eat you. ..

Foosball machine at hotel

Candelabra in our room - no candles...

Fireplace and TV in our room

Steven on bed- soft pillows!

Fridge and sink in our room

Lounge outside the lobby

With the Clam Face-Sucker Monster

With the Clam Face-Sucker Monster again...

We went away last week to a fancy little boutique hotel "down the shore" in Long Branch, New Jersey.  All of the above shots are from the hotel and the beach at Long Branch. The pictures from the beach are from Le Club - which cost us $50 to use for the day. The pool atop the building in the fourth picture was supposed to be included, but it was closed to the paying public for a "private" party. Which pissed me off, but the beach wasn't too bad, once I got the hang of jumping the waves. Definitely not an ocean experience I'd like to do again - I definitely prefer the Caribbean and the lagoons and bays there...
We also went to Asbury Park, which just about broke Steven's heart since it's changed so much from when he was a teenager. We went to a pinball museum and played some of the machines there. We also had hot dogs in their little café. It was fun.
Batmobile from Batman Returns. Shrunk, huh?

Elvis was here - who knew he played Asbury Park?

We love hotdogs!
Paramount theater Asbury Park
Batmobile again...

 This was an odd thing to find in Asbury Park - Cruzan Rum from St. Croix. Deja vu all over again...

The Stone Pony is always a "must" picture as is the picture of "Tilly" over the Wonder Bar.

This is the former Carousel House at Asbury Park. It must've been beautiful when it had a carousel and lots of people!
It would've been more fun if it hadn't been one of those hot, sunny, then stormy days. But we had a fairly good time. At least somebody else (Daily Worth gave me a $1000 gift certificate to, which had this hotel as the only one in NJ at the time we could go- the total for the hotel with taxes and fees was $930 for three nights.) paid for some of it. It's a nice place, if you can afford it.

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