Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Theft in Verona

Today I was off. Pearlman took the Yaris to work, comes home and tells me that last night I didn't lock the car when I took it back to work at 5. Looks like somebody took $20 out of the center thing in between the seats - they didn't mess around with his ratty briefcase (good thing, as stupidhead left lots of important stuff in it), just looked in the middle thing, saw the quarters, took it and got out... I hope I'm wrong, but I looked all over the car and can't find it and looked in the house and can't find it. A little kid who's been accused (not to his face) of doing just what we think happened was spotted by one of the librarians at 5 - when I came in.  If he didn't take it, this is one of those St. Anthony, St. Anthony lost things. Just another damned thing to add to the lousy attitude around here.

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