Monday, November 12, 2012

Not posted much...

Although much has occurred lately, I haven't posted much. I tend to go online just to distract myself as much from reality as I can. In the last couple of weeks, we had Hurricane Sandy, which swept the coast and shut our power down for nearly a week. We didn't get hit too bad. A few trees and some power lines down around here, but that's nothing compared to what Staten Island and a lot of New York City got. Then we got snow - the day Elysha and her fiancé decided to get married at City Hall. We went there in a blizzard. Not terribly cold, but enough to get us a bit damp and chilled. Enough that we didn't do dinner after the brief "ceremony", too Everybody got home safe and that's what counts.
Outside the house
Pre-wedding picture.
The honorable Robert Paparazzo presiding

Kiss the bride.

It's been a long couple of weeks. The kids are moving in a week or so and we're going 
to my sister-in-law's in Monmouth County (where they got hit pretty hard, being near "The Shore") for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Elysha and Jimi's "wedding". The end of the month should be equally interesting - hopefully without a lot of literal storms and few figurative ones. 

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