Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 2013

I don't write here much anymore. I seem to have limited myself to 140 characters or less. I wrote a long list of genealogical stuff to a second or third cousin in Colorado recently, but other than a letter to my mother, because I keep forgetting then putting off calling to talk to her, I haven't really written much at all lately.
The spouse and I went to a resort inn in the Poconos. It wasn't the one we had gone to over the past 15 or 20 years - that one, the Pocmont, has been sold and is now Bushkill Inn & Conference Center. I won two nights, plus breakfast and a $100 credit at a place called the Inn at Pocono Manor from a contest on Facebook. It was a nice getaway, even though it rained persistently until the day we left. 
postcard from the Inn
Outside the terrace - the "playground" area.
a very big ceramic bird in the lobby
The bear  in the gift shop
 outside Mt. Airy Casino.
Batman slots - he had  to play it...
And he won - on a Godzilla penny slot machine - $129!
Gloating in the room.
Dinner at The Exchange dining room courtesy of Godzilla.
The pool - Steven exiting...
The Fireplace near the pool area.
The "Library" - some of the books there are as old as the place, established in 1902.
It was interesting, although somewhat different from our usual stay in the Poconos.
Work has been sort of tense, since we got a new director, but we're all getting used to it. This week a fellow from the Stamp Club that meets in the basement brought us some of the flowers from his garden! They are the most spectacularly colored jonquils and daffodils that I have ever seen! The yellows are just stunning in person. A few of the plain daffodils and the pale yellow parrot daffodils are from my garden, but his were so mind-boggling that mine were barely noticeable next to his.
I would show you one of my flowers, but I can't seem to upload anymore at the moment...


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