Saturday, April 24, 2004

Dead spaces on the Net

Anybody ever have one of those days? I was going to link to a great page with lots of links to sites about women in the 19th Century. Well, I said to myself, let's check some of them out first to see if they're still alive. So I did and most of them - at least every single one I clicked on - are dead .But considering the last "update" was 1998, I can guess why. OK, I'll grant that a few links still work. But, geez, couldn't they keep track of the rest of them? It was a class project, so I guess once they graduated, matriculated or whatever, they said the hell with it. But it's still there in that graveyard of dead webpages - and the college is still paying for it's space... Guess that's worth it. :-)

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