Sunday, April 18, 2004

Have I told you about this site?Dean's Beans - Coffee Shop gourmet organic coffee online My favorite coffee. I like the Birdwatcher's blend. I have one of those exotic coffee grinder/coffee brewing machines (not a cappacino machine, alas...) that does it all. So I get the whole beans and when they grind in the morning, there is such a wonderful smell in the kitchen....I think back to when my mother used to grind coffee beans in the Kroger's supermarket when I was a kid and how great it smelled. Sort of like that now, except that I can tolerate coffee a whole lot better than I did as a teenager when coffee (Maxwell house to be exact) made me deathly ill....Anyway, if you have a coffee grinder - they got great beans! I guess the ground coffee is equally good, but like I said, I like them whole beans!

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