Monday, August 23, 2004

Well, it's Monday and here's the Libra horoscope for the week....

Libra Horoscope for 8/23 - 8/29

This week brings a positive difference in your close love relationship.

You are likely to sense a heightened state of expression and feeling coming from your mate or loved one.

The emotions you feel now may lead you on a new path of discovery, specifically with regard to your values and attitudes toward intimacy, love, and companionship.

If you are currently unattached, you might draw others to you now who reawaken some of your deeper feelings and memories with respect to love and previous relationships.

The love and guidance you receive from others can help squelch any fears or anxieties which hold you back from accepting love and affection.

You are feeling particularly affectionate now and the company of your love partner or very close friends is important to you.

This is not a time for solitary activity.

Sharing, harmonizing, and love are the themes now.

However, if you are not happy in your personal life, your problems may seem especially pressing at this time.

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