Monday, November 15, 2004

Someone else (Hi, Budgie!) looked up his birthday at Wikipedia, so I had to look up mine. Turns out that September 29 was one of those good/bad days for Pompey the Great, Roman statesman and general. He was born, celebrated his third triumph, for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars and was assasinated all on September 29th. Old Pompey was the only one to make all Events, Births and Deaths.

Other Events, in case you're interested (BTW, Pompey's third triumph was 61 BC)

855 - Pope Benedict III becomes Pope.

1364 - Battle of Auray - English forces defeat French at Brittany; end of the Breton War of Succession

1567 - At a diner, the Duke of Alva arrests the Count of Egmont and the Count of Horne for treason.

1789 - United States War Department first establishes regular army with strength of several hundred men.

1789 - First United States Congress adjourns.

1829 - London's reorganized police force goes on duty, later becomes known as Scotland Yard.

1864 - Battle of New Market Heights is fought.

1902 - Impresario David Belasco's first Broadway theater opens.

1918 - Hindenburg Line is broken by Allied forces during World War I.

1938 - Britain and France, Nazi Germany and Italy sign the Munich Agreement allowing Germany to occupy the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.

1939 - Poland is divided between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

1941 - Babi Yar massacre begins.

1943 - United States General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice aboard the British ship Nelson off the shore of Malta.

1944 - Soviet forces invade Yugoslavia.

1954 - Convention establishing CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) was signed.

1961 - The New York Times publishes music critic Robert Sheldon's review of a performance from little known singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, which will lead to Dylan's discover by Columbia Records representative John Hammond

1963 - Opening of second period of Second Vatican Council.

1972 - Sino-Japanese relations: Japan establishes diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China after breaking official ties with the Republic of China.

1988 - NASA resumes space shuttle flights, grounded after the Challenger disaster.

1992 - Fernando Collor de Mello, president of Brazil, resigned.

2001 - The Syracuse Herald-Journal, a newspaper dating back to 1839, ceases publication.

2004 - The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passes within 4 lunar distances of Earth.

2004 - The Burt Rutan Ansari X Prize entry SpaceShipOne performed a successful spaceflight, thereby halfway to winning the prize.

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