Sunday, July 03, 2005

Went to the fair at the Meadowlands yesterday. Saw Rosaire's Racing Pigs -as every year... I was a "Pig Rooter", but my pig came in last.... Sigh... Unfortunately, the pigs don't have their own web page.
The magician who my DH and I put into a straitjacket, which he escaped, does have a web page - here's the link. Very impressive show. An illusionist, like most magicians today. He apparently is also an escape artist, in the Houdini style. Click on the web site of his and you'll see what I mean.
Anyway, we came home with loads of those stuffed animals, etc. that we won in water shooting games. I was considering asking the machine gun games if they had a picture of GWB to put over the star and I'd play, but I figured that would get me hauled off to a federal prison quicker than you could say "Jack Robinson".
We went out to dinner and then went to the local fireworks. Our "new" mayor has a lot of ego, I might mention, since yesterday his "inauguration" closed the parking lot, small though it is , so that parking would not be impede his big event. He also went on too much before the fireworks...But they were pretty spectacular. If only people would keep their kids in control, it would have been a great evening. It may have been that since I'd been out all day I was just cranky because I was tired, but the kids seemed louder than the fireworks - and I wore earplugs....

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