Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well, today has been "one of those days"... My daughter, Elysha, had her wisdom teeth cut out this morning at an ambulatory care center, which we had to be at at 6:30 am... While I was waiting, I spilled hot coffee down my front.... Fortunately, I take cream so it wasn't permanently damaging, but I did ask for ice and they gave me that and a scrubs shirt to make sure I was ok.... Meaning that I would not sue for damages. It wasn't bad and I'm not injured. Elysha is doing a lot better than we anticipated and doesn't hurt a lot. She looks funny with an ice pack around her head, but I have no pictures.... I would need an ice pack myself if I had taken one...I also got my eyes checked and found that my right eye has not regressed enough to get it "touched up" by the Lasix people at TLC, but I should get stronger readers to keep my eyes from straining and giving me a headache... Sigh... And I still have to go to work. But at least I'm not in Texas... Traffic there looks like the Garden State Parkway going to the shore on a July weekend......And not moving as well, at that. How do they think evacuations by car are going to get people out fast enough?

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