Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Haven't blogged for a while, but have not won the lottery or anything great....I did win one of my "contests" that I go through every day - a backpack from Verizon's Blackberry contest which ended recently. My pumpkin is ripening indoors, my daughter is finally up and around again and it's sunny and nice outside today. On the down side, I went to the dentist with a broken tooth and found that most of it was filling and needs to have a crown put on. So on the 20th I have to find a way to get there (the daughter takes a car to school and the DH takes a car to work, so I'm either walking or on a bus, which, in the dentist's case, will work) and go through two hours of being fitted for the crown....Sigh. But I knew that was coming.
On another topic, I've been getting a lot of weird e-mails from persons who have found some key word in my blog and sent me an e-mail with a link regarding something connected with it... A new way to spam...Sigh again....

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  1. Vous avez un blog très agréable et je l'aime, je vais placer un lien de retour à lui dans un de mon blogs qui égale votre contenu. Il peut prendre quelques jours mais je ferai besure pour poster un nouveau commentaire avec le lien arrière.

    Merci pour est un bon blogger.


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