Monday, October 10, 2005

The latest timewaster-mislabelled-a-"meme" floating about comes to me via Elayne Riggs, who got it from someone else, and I thought it was cute so I did it, too. She explains , "do a google search for '[Your first name] needs,' and discover what the Internet thinks you really need." Well,not necessarily in the order I found the words "Kathy needs" in Google results, here are 10 of my "needs" - and some of them are spot on, as a British person would say:
1. Kathy needs a nap
2. Kathy needs her gays more than ever (whoa...)
3. Kathy needs to fix (primtrk table for histograms - whatever the hell that is)
4. Kathy needs it ( your phone number, heh, heh, heh)
5. Kathy needs to get out of her home
6. Kathy needs lungs ( click to find out - I don't wanna, but I just cut and pasted.)
7. Kathy needs advance notice to ensure she can find and reserve a room for you in a timely manner. (Heh, heh, heh again....)
8. Kathy needs to know from all the programs if the projected base is close to what program administrators expect...
9. Kathy needs a hug (actually , on Google, this one ties in to # 2, I think)
10.Kathy needs help designing a financial strategy. How true....

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