Saturday, May 13, 2006

An Evening with Colin and Brad

Ah, Englewood NJ!! Home of the Bergen Performing Arts Center and the scene of the Colin and Brad show last night, which the DH and I went to see. We were in the fourth row, until about 10 minutes before the show was to begin, then our seats were in the eighth ro, after they added 4 rows of folding chairs in front of us. And that's not even mentioning the two rows they put on onstage at Brad's urging... I was pretty pissed because I didn't get onstage to be funny, but now am even more pissed because I found out the DH paid $88 per seat for the eighth row.... I was at least, thank God, on the aisle.
Their show was very funny. Their ability to come up with stuff built on snippets from the audience was amazing! As an example, they did a skit called a "Confession" where Brad confessed to a "crime" using clues Colin gave him to put together the confession. Colin said if he sat on stage for a year, he wouldn't get it by himself. Even with Colin's clues, it took Brad a half an hour... The crime? Ok, here it is: "While wearing fish scales, a pirate hat and a sausage casing, I pirated the season premiere of the Japanese Rocko's Modern Life while riding a peacock in Hohokus with a paint can and a paper clip." The hard part was Rocko's Modern Life - given to them by a teenager in front of us who maybe had the mental ability of a five year old. I do not think they will ever forget Rocko....
There was a skit that they used three kids for - one of them was behind us - and he didn't look like he was exactly a great piece of mental ability either. The kid did not frown, smile or anything, even when up on the stage - he was damned scary. One of the kids was named Ryan, which made Colin make a little face, since the guy he worked with the most on the Whose Line Is It Anyway? show was Ryan Stiles.
All in all, the show was very funny and I even got Brad to talk to me, even if it was just a couple of lines when the were giving out paper for the "one line" to pull and put in a skit - I was the lady in love with stationery. And "Bless you, Sister" when he came to collect the papers in the basket. I believe I will crack up the next time I put money in the offering basket at church....
We also went out to dinner before the show - to a restaurant right beside the PAC called Solaia. It looked like a Spanish restaurant because the waiters outside and the staff that was setting up for dinner - and even the cooks - looked Hispanic. But it was Italian! We got a table inside and had the entire place to ourselves until just before we were ready to leave. I had fillet of Sole and it was delicious!
Not likely to go to Englewood again, but it was a fun night out! Thanks, Colin and Brad!

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