Sunday, August 13, 2006

The wedding was very nice, I will have to say. I'm still covered in glitter from my outfit. It's "machine washable", so it's in the washer even as I type. When I said that it was, Elysha's boyfriend said it would wash off all the glitter. I replied that I certainly hoped so. I'm going to be sweeping silver glitter off everything for months.
Among the weirder things at the wedding, I found out the groom's sister is gay and a cousin of the DH says they found out her son is. There was one of the groomsmen who wore no socks with his tuxedo. We found out that Erica and Anthony met on the internet - through a dating site, it sounded like. Erica mentioned that she fell in love with his picture the moment she saw it on the internet. The groom's father brought his dance partner to the wedding - he and she danced every dance... The groom's mother had been out of his life for like ten years- apparently until he got serious about Erica. Robbie spiked his hair - a buzz cut - with hair gel that he borrowed from my father-in-law, who turns 80 this October and uses gel for his combover. There was also a wedding going on in one of the rooms we had to keep going through - it had been blessed by Pope Benedict - and they had an 11 by 17 " proclamation framed on a table... That wedding also had a large seafood appetizer tray- loaded with boiled shrimp, oyster and mussels. My DH eyed it hungrily and I told him I'd break his fingers if he touched it - repeatedly. So as we walked by, his father grabbed a shrimp and walked out with it. I warned the DH again, even though he did keep saying ," But my father..." His father was lucky his mother wasn't near - she might have broken more than his fingers.... When we went outside to be seated for the wedding - finally- the girls were setting up Champaign for the 20 or so minutes before the ceremony. They looked at me and told me to keep an eye on it. Apparently, they'd heard me keeping the DH in line.

That's most of the oddest things I noticed. When Elysha will let me, I'll try to get some of the photos she took with her cell phone onto my computer.

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