Thursday, January 25, 2007

6 Days Left

Not long now...Six, that's 6, days left to National Gorilla Suit Day!
Haven't heard from the furry folks who said they might be able to serenade Corey Booker... But we'll see in less than a week! Excitement abounds.
And this, stolen borrowed from Mark Evanier :
Lastly for now: As we all know, National Gorilla Suit Day is the day we remember Mad's maddest cartoonist, the late Don Martin. Mr. Martin was, among his many skills, the master of great sound effects in comics. A group of his fans — all of whom I'm sure will be out and gorilla-suiting on January 31 — have compiled this listing of some of his most memorable creations in this area. It's a great rundown but they somehow managed to miss my all-time fave, which was the sound of a piece of paper being yanked out of an old, manual typewriter. The sound effect was "THWIZZIT!" If you don't believe that's perfect, get yourself an old typewriter, roll in a piece of paper, jerk it out and listen. It'll say "THWIZZIT!"

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