Thursday, May 31, 2007

Philosophy today

I got a bit philosophical on a comic book related webpage today. I posted this on Elayne Riggs' Comic Mix ( don't you love all the links? All different web pages...).
"I sometimes think that the shorthand definition of feminism, that it's the radical notion that women are human beings, needs expansion, because I'm not sure we've even grasped yet that human beings are human beings." This, of course, is true because some people think that "God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." (sorry, I'm not sure how the Hebrew or Muslim puts it - whether God is signified as "he" or not, but that's really beside my point). Those are the folks who either believe that they are what God intended for Adam (and those anonymous "male and female") to be. Or they don't consider God or any deity to be their original image - and both conflict with each other. Recognizing every human as a "human being" which shares the same basic system of existance, rather than the religious gobbledygook or the atheistic stuff that says the hell (oddly enough, not believed in either) with it is really what we need. All of this came from having been liturgist at church for a while, I guess. Sorry if the way I put my belief system into words offended anyone - not intentional, I promise...
It probably didn't have a lot to do with much of the actual column, but I latched on to the "human beings as human beings" part and took off on that.

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  1. You sure did! Fun to read, and it made my head hurt! An extra bonus!


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