Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday Kitten Blogging.

Mostly 'cause not much else is going on around here. Well, with me, at least. Elysha has been "accepted " at Montclair State University (which means she has to go into the world of debt to pay for 2 ½ more years of college). Gibbs College lied about her credits from there transferring anywhere... She's also gotten a part time job in Moonachie at a printing company, presumably designing stationery and business cards for businesses.

DH is working on the last (God knows, I hope so, since he doesn't know how to put things together on the computer - 20 years of programming didn't make him a good word processor or digital artist) of his book to help students with the math part of the SAT. The dear in DH has been damn a lot more often lately.

And Woodgie, kitten of the day, is getting to be a large cat, but sleek and lovely. She'll be 1 year old in people years at the end of this month. Here she is with her tags on so that she can go outside. But, of course, she'd rather be inside,scratching and rolling trying to get the tags off... Sigh...

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