Monday, October 08, 2007

Jury Duty - 2007 - heh, heh, heh

I'm out - free and clear!!!!!
Checked online and got this notice in response to my digit participant number. I also called and checked just to be sure. Apparently, my last stretch in jury duty and telling them I was suffering from panic attacks in the jury box got me out both the last time I was summoned and this time, even though my medication is working so well, I really thought I could do it this time. I was all pumped up, ready to go. Had my bus money ready, my walking directions printed out. Now I'm a bit disappointed. Especially since I have to come into work tomorrow at 2 - and have to walk... The great thing about Jury Duty was that I could get dropped off at the bus stop and the walk to the courthouse wasn't as far as from home to work. Ah, well...

Participant Number: XXXXXXXXX
Zip Code: XXXXX
Your request for postponement has been granted. You are NOT required to report for jury service and do not need to continue checking this message. You will be notified in the future as to your next jury service reporting date.

The database was last updated on Oct 08 2007 06:43PM
Instructions by Phone: Your reporting instructions are also available by phone toll free at (866) 363-8154. You will be asked by the automated attendant for your digit participant number.

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