Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just in case you didn't know....

From Forbes, the list of the 13 richest dead people is out. Guess who heads the list?

That's right - ELVIS!!!(This picture is from a site that says the image of the living Elvis was from Elvis' last concert tour in 1977 - this one's from May 21, 1977 in Louisville, Ky.)

Number two is John Lennon - doesn't tell where he was on the dead celebrity list last year (Elvis is apparently always number 1).
They're followed by Charles (Peanuts) Schulz, George (the quiet Beatle) Harrison, Albert Einstein (no relation to the Baby Einstein line, but his estate gets residuals from it), Andy Warhol, Dr. Seuss (the Cat in the Hat), Tupac Shakur (allegedly the best-selling rapper in history, if there is such a thing), Marilyn Monroe, Steve (Bullitt) Mc Queen, James Brown (the "Godfather of Soul"), Bob Marley (the Rastafarian superstar), and, last but not least, James Dean ( the "Rebel Without a Cause" star).
A good many of these have made more money since they died than before - especially Monroe and Dean, who have been gone for years now and are still poster icons of art...

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