Monday, November 05, 2007

It's Monday

Been a long day and I just got to work. First, I had my post-op appointment with my OB/Gyn. I had to walk - it was a nice day and I had a couple of things to do that were on the way. The appointment was at 2. So I went to the doctor's first (after stopping at the post office to mail my brother John and his wife, Cathy, birthday cards - hers was last month, his is the 11th.) - the test results from my "procedure" says nothing wrong with my innards. So then I had two and a half hours before I had to be at work. First stop was a lady I used to work with, who has pancreatic cancer. There's nothing else to be done but wait. She's beat it for almost two years, but now it's very sad to see how she's just shrunk away. Her hair was black with just a little gray, until she started the chemotherapy. It took the color out of her hair (she had never colored it), but she didn't lose any. She was chubby jolly older lady - and now she is toothless, bed-ridden and so thin she is just skin and bones. I just told her God would wait, not was waiting for her. I told her we (those of us at the library who know her well) all loved her and wished the best for her. She whispered she loved me, too. Then I said Bye. I could hardly think of anything to say... Then I went to dinner at my Italian place - a slice of Sicilian with real Mozzarella nd fresh basil. Then next door and got my fingernails done - the nice lady wasn't too busy, so she rubbed my shoulders and neck while I was drying my nails. Then I came here to the library and typed this.
I also voiced God in the sermon skit on Sunday. Very interesting introducing myself to the District Superintendent (who was there for our Charge Conference) as, "Hi, I'm God this morning." I was also the charge conference secretary and have had my lay speaker's license renewed (who could refuse God a lay speaking license - LOL?). It's been a long couple of days - and the book sale was over the weekend here at the library, too. Thank God (yes?) that the pinhead wasn't here on Sunday. Then again, that would have been interesting....

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