Friday, December 05, 2008

It's the end of a new week...

Last week, Elysha went to the ER on Saturday, they admitted her on Sunday, she had a
colonoscopy on Monday, with biopsies through her colon and was on antibiotics and
anti-nausea medicine via IV until Wednesday afternoon when they let her come home.
She vomited after breakfast on Thanksgiving, but two calls to doctors got an anti-nausea
medicine to counteract the antibiotics. This week, as of Thursday, the gastroenterologist
took her off the antibiotics because he wants her to drink more water and the antibiotics
were making it- and everything else - taste "icky". He said she has or had colonitis, but they
aren't sure if it was just an infection, or if it's something chronic, like Crohn's Disease.
Anyway, things are almost back to normal this week. The Fair in the Square is tomorrow.
The essential reference question then will be "Where's the bathroom?" They say that there
will be 90 booths this year. It's going to be chaos - especially if the weather turns nasty.
Today is clear and crisp and it would be nice to have it like that tomorrow - maybe a bit warmer...
I'm hoping for the best.

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