Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today’s Update.

Elysha made it to Abbey Road, of Beatles Fame, today. image imageShe put her sig on the wall, which is shown above. She said the underground was having construction done so they had to ride buses. She also said they must've walked 10 miles (her estimation, which might be off). They crossed in the Zebra walk, but couldn’t pose any pictures because she said the traffic was miserable. But she wasn’t and that’s good. Hoping her last day tomorrow goes well and that she gets back safely on Monday.

When I looked for the above photo, I found these pictures – they are of a street right near where Elysha is staying…

image image

               Gower St. today                   Gower St. at Euston Rd.

Andimage image

        Russell Square Gardens           Russell Square today

On a map , it shows Russell Square right beside her hotel. I must tell her that tomorrow….

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