Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bzz Agent Report

I’m a Bzz Agent and I’m now in two campaigns. One is for a product I really want to like – the Pledge Fabric Sweeper. It’s supposed to remove pet hair easily. It’s an enclosed pod with two lint brushes that rub against each other to pick up the hairs. You might have seen a commercial for it. It looks like it will do a good job and it does. But it is pretty expensive for something that a damp sponge can do (I have one of those, too – it is a very dense sponge, I might add). But it does keep the hair in the pod rather than having to rub it off the sponge. I hardly worry about cat hair. Woodgie’s hair is not very noticeable until it’s on something black – then it shows up. Otherwise, her hair being gray to silver, it’s nearly transparent. This is a pretty cool product though and I will have to find some reason to tell someone about it “in person” sometime soon. 2009-03-10 Woodgie and Gramma

I don’t get her to sit high enough for the webcam to catch her most of the time. She’s camera-shy

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