Friday, May 15, 2009

My Review of Batman Adventures Bat-A-Rang


Add some adventure to your birthday party with these Batman Adventures Bat-A-Rang favor. This foam bat shaped boomerang is black with yellow in the middle. (Batman Adventures Bat-A-Rangs are sold individually.)

Batarang - yes, it's all one word

OCD Batman collector's wife Verona NJ 5/15/2009

4 5

Pros: Colorful, Good Value

Best Uses: Party Favors and Activities

Describe Yourself: Value Oriented

Not a great addition to the collection, but neat nonetheless.

By the way, shipping at this site is absolutely awful. This costs 64¢, but the shipping/handling (this is a very light item we're talking about) amounted to $7.99. I believe you'd have to order a lot of stuff from them to make it worth it. I had added something else to the order, but it didn't show up and I was afraid to try the shipping again....

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