Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is here!

How's about by you? It's 72° here.  I'm at work and Elysha is here doing her homework, so she won't get as distracted as she does at home. Of course, the head of the Biology Dept. at MSU came in and she had a heart attack. He's the guy (she used some unfortunate language to describe who he was) who gave her such trouble about taking human biology at Worcester. It's been kind of slow, but it is a twit day. Not as bad as yesterday when it was down to just me and the Witch at 2 o'clock. Everybody who could, besides her, was off - even the director. Esentially, I was in charge, 'cause I have seniority. :-) I'm not too good at being assertive though. The witch tends to walk on her co-workers... And I happen to be a good mat. She gave the evil eye to Elysha who came to pick me up... Well, it's nearly time for a break. Later. Hope all have a good weekend!

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