Saturday, March 18, 2006

Women's History Month

Last two weeks! April begins in just two short weeks. Today's link is from TIME FOR KIDS . It has a lot of basic facts about women and the movement for a Women's history Month. It has this as its "poster girl". Oddly enough, it doesn't include any information about the poster or why it might be significant to the subject, other than being a "strong woman". So here's an extra link - to the Rosie the Riveter Memorial site. It has links to tell you about the first national memorial to honor and interpret American women's contributions to the WWII home front. The memorial is in a public park and is open every day during daylight hours. It's in Richmond, California.
From the website - View of Rosie the Riveter Memorial with Richmond
Marina and San Francisco Bay in background.
It's a pity the TIME For Kids site doesn't pass this link along....

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