Monday, February 12, 2007

Here is my Petition of Nomination


TO: Jean McEnroe ,
Municipal Clerk of
Verona, N.J.

I, the undersigned, a registered voter of the Township of Verona, residing at
certify that I do hereby join in a petition of the nomination of

_______________________Kathleen Pearlman__________________
whose residence is_______________________19 Brentwood Drive__
in the Township of Verona, N. J. for the office of COUNCILMEMBER-AT-LARGE to be voted
for at the Municipal Election to be held in the Township of Verona on Tuesday, the eighth day of
May, 2007, and I further certify that I know this Candidate to be a registered voter, for the period
required by law, of the Township of Verona and a person of good moral character, and qualified,
in my judgment, to perform the duties of said office and I further certify that I have not signed
more petitions or certificates of nomination than there are places to be filled for the above office.




Print Name for checking purposes

"Notice: All candidates are required by law to comply with the provisions
of the "New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures
Reporting Act" For further information, please call Election
Law Enforcement Commission (609) 292-8700 Trenton."

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