Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 2013

I don't write here much anymore. I seem to have limited myself to 140 characters or less. I wrote a long list of genealogical stuff to a second or third cousin in Colorado recently, but other than a letter to my mother, because I keep forgetting then putting off calling to talk to her, I haven't really written much at all lately.
The spouse and I went to a resort inn in the Poconos. It wasn't the one we had gone to over the past 15 or 20 years - that one, the Pocmont, has been sold and is now Bushkill Inn & Conference Center. I won two nights, plus breakfast and a $100 credit at a place called the Inn at Pocono Manor from a contest on Facebook. It was a nice getaway, even though it rained persistently until the day we left. 
postcard from the Inn
Outside the terrace - the "playground" area.
a very big ceramic bird in the lobby
The bear  in the gift shop
 outside Mt. Airy Casino.
Batman slots - he had  to play it...
And he won - on a Godzilla penny slot machine - $129!
Gloating in the room.
Dinner at The Exchange dining room courtesy of Godzilla.
The pool - Steven exiting...
The Fireplace near the pool area.
The "Library" - some of the books there are as old as the place, established in 1902.
It was interesting, although somewhat different from our usual stay in the Poconos.
Work has been sort of tense, since we got a new director, but we're all getting used to it. This week a fellow from the Stamp Club that meets in the basement brought us some of the flowers from his garden! They are the most spectacularly colored jonquils and daffodils that I have ever seen! The yellows are just stunning in person. A few of the plain daffodils and the pale yellow parrot daffodils are from my garden, but his were so mind-boggling that mine were barely noticeable next to his.
I would show you one of my flowers, but I can't seem to upload anymore at the moment...


Monday, November 12, 2012

Not posted much...

Although much has occurred lately, I haven't posted much. I tend to go online just to distract myself as much from reality as I can. In the last couple of weeks, we had Hurricane Sandy, which swept the coast and shut our power down for nearly a week. We didn't get hit too bad. A few trees and some power lines down around here, but that's nothing compared to what Staten Island and a lot of New York City got. Then we got snow - the day Elysha and her fiancĂ© decided to get married at City Hall. We went there in a blizzard. Not terribly cold, but enough to get us a bit damp and chilled. Enough that we didn't do dinner after the brief "ceremony", too Everybody got home safe and that's what counts.
Outside the house
Pre-wedding picture.
The honorable Robert Paparazzo presiding

Kiss the bride.

It's been a long couple of weeks. The kids are moving in a week or so and we're going 
to my sister-in-law's in Monmouth County (where they got hit pretty hard, being near "The Shore") for Thanksgiving and to celebrate Elysha and Jimi's "wedding". The end of the month should be equally interesting - hopefully without a lot of literal storms and few figurative ones. 

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Theft in Verona

Today I was off. Pearlman took the Yaris to work, comes home and tells me that last night I didn't lock the car when I took it back to work at 5. Looks like somebody took $20 out of the center thing in between the seats - they didn't mess around with his ratty briefcase (good thing, as stupidhead left lots of important stuff in it), just looked in the middle thing, saw the quarters, took it and got out... I hope I'm wrong, but I looked all over the car and can't find it and looked in the house and can't find it. A little kid who's been accused (not to his face) of doing just what we think happened was spotted by one of the librarians at 5 - when I came in.  If he didn't take it, this is one of those St. Anthony, St. Anthony lost things. Just another damned thing to add to the lousy attitude around here.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


↑Lounge outside the Bungalow Hotel

Game inside the lobby of the hotel↑
                           Le Club↑

Pool Table in lobby of the hotel↑
Public restroom at the hotel in Long Branch..

                                                   ↑Side entrance where the poster and the furry light below were

At Le Club with smuggled in Coke Zero

Clam Face-Sucker Monster in Long Branch. This sculpture, made of cement and clams, looks like it could lean over and eat you. ..

Foosball machine at hotel

Candelabra in our room - no candles...

Fireplace and TV in our room

Steven on bed- soft pillows!

Fridge and sink in our room

Lounge outside the lobby

With the Clam Face-Sucker Monster

With the Clam Face-Sucker Monster again...

We went away last week to a fancy little boutique hotel "down the shore" in Long Branch, New Jersey.  All of the above shots are from the hotel and the beach at Long Branch. The pictures from the beach are from Le Club - which cost us $50 to use for the day. The pool atop the building in the fourth picture was supposed to be included, but it was closed to the paying public for a "private" party. Which pissed me off, but the beach wasn't too bad, once I got the hang of jumping the waves. Definitely not an ocean experience I'd like to do again - I definitely prefer the Caribbean and the lagoons and bays there...
We also went to Asbury Park, which just about broke Steven's heart since it's changed so much from when he was a teenager. We went to a pinball museum and played some of the machines there. We also had hot dogs in their little café. It was fun.
Batmobile from Batman Returns. Shrunk, huh?

Elvis was here - who knew he played Asbury Park?

We love hotdogs!
Paramount theater Asbury Park
Batmobile again...

 This was an odd thing to find in Asbury Park - Cruzan Rum from St. Croix. Deja vu all over again...

The Stone Pony is always a "must" picture as is the picture of "Tilly" over the Wonder Bar.

This is the former Carousel House at Asbury Park. It must've been beautiful when it had a carousel and lots of people!
It would've been more fun if it hadn't been one of those hot, sunny, then stormy days. But we had a fairly good time. At least somebody else (Daily Worth gave me a $1000 gift certificate to, which had this hotel as the only one in NJ at the time we could go- the total for the hotel with taxes and fees was $930 for three nights.) paid for some of it. It's a nice place, if you can afford it.